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Dr Ashwani Kumar Thakur

Professor Peptide Design and Protein Aggregation Mechanism, ... View Profile

Dr Jonaki Sen

Professor Morphogenesis and Patterning of the Dorsal Forebra... View Profile

Dr Jayandharan Giridhara Rao

Professor Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology... View Profile

Prof Amitabha Bandyopadhyay

Professor Developmental Biology of Cartilage and Bone, Osteo... View Profile

Dr Arun Kumar Shukla

Associate Professor Neurobiology of Disorders, Stress Biology, and Hum... View Profile

Prof Mainak Das

Associate Professor Bio-Electricity, Green Energy, Physiology, Sensor... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar Misra

Assistant Professor Biomedical Materials and Devices, Personalized The... View Profile

Dr Nitin Mohan

Assistant Professor Super Resolution Microscopy, Cellular Transport... View Profile

Dr Arjun Ramakrishnan

Assistant Professor Neuroscience, decision making, primate electrophys... View Profile

Dr Sai Prasad Pydi

Assistant Professor Develop GPCR-Based Drugs For The Treatment of Obes... View Profile

Prof Shanu Jain

Assistant Professor Liver Metabolism, GPCR signaling, Pharmacology, Dr... View Profile

Dr Appu Kumar Singh

Assistant Professor Cryo-Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Crystallography... View Profile

Dr Dibyendu

Assistant Professor Structural Biology; Cellular Signaling; Combinator... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Matheshwaran

Assistant Professor A Combination of Genetic, Biochemical, Biophysical... View Profile

Dr Nitin Gupta

Assistant Professor Neurophysiology, Olfaction... View Profile

Prof Dhirendra S Katti

Professor (HAG) Biomaterials, Controlled Drug Delivery Systems, Ti... View Profile

Prof Pradip Sinha

Professor (HAG) Identify Fundamental Genetic Mechanisms of Carcino... View Profile

Dr Hemlata Agnihotri

Post-Doctoral Research Scientist Biophysics... View Profile

Prof S Ganesh

Professor (HAG) Neuroscience, Human Genetics, Disease Biology... View Profile

Prof Ashok Kumar

Professor (HAG) Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Regenerative Med... View Profile

Prof R Sankararamakrishnan

Professor (HAG) The Mechanism of Membrane Protein Function, Invest... View Profile