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Prof Goutam Deo

Professor (HAG) Synthesis, Characterization and Reactivity of Hete... View Profile

Prof Ashutosh Sharma

Professor (HAG) Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Nishith Verma

Professor (HAG) Adsorption, Environmental Pollution Control, Synth... View Profile

Prof Yogesh M Joshi

Professor (HAG) Rheology, Colloids, Soft Matter, Polymers... View Profile

Prof Animangsu Ghatak

Professor Mechanics of soft materials, Adhesion, Friction an... View Profile

Dr Naveen Tiwari

Professor Transport Phenomena, Instabilities in Micro-scale ... View Profile

Prof Nitin Kaistha

Professor Economic Plant Wide Control of Complex Chemical Pr... View Profile

Prof Raj Ganesh S Pala

Professor Electrochemical, Reaction and Separation Engineeri... View Profile

Prof Sanjeev Garg

Professor Bioinformatics, Bioremediation, Computer Aided Pro... View Profile

Prof Siddhartha Panda

Professor Microfluidic Immunosensor With Electrochemical Det... View Profile

Prof Sri Sivakumar

Professor Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials, L... View Profile

Prof Viswanathan Shankar

Professor Stability of Fluid Flows, Flow Past Soft Solid Sur... View Profile

Prof Jayant K Singh

Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Arvind Apte

Associate Professor Statistical Mechanics, Atomistic Simulations... View Profile

Dr Raju Kumar Gupta

Associate Professor Photocatalysis,Green synthesis of nanomaterials,Su... View Profile

Dr Raghavendra Ragipani

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Direct air capture of CO2, mineral carbonation, S... View Profile

Dr Anurag Tripathi

Assistant Professor Modelling and Simulation of Complex Fluids, Soft M... View Profile

Dr Indranil Saha Dalal

Assistant Professor Modeling and Simulation of the Dynamics of Complex... View Profile

Dr Harshwardhan Hemant Katkar

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Himanshu

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Raghvendra Singh

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Rahul Mangal

Assistant Professor Chemical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Dipin Sasidharan Pillai

Assistant Professor Stability Theory, Reduced Order Modelling, Non Lin... View Profile

Dr Akash Choudhary

Assistant Professor Complex Fluids, Active and Soft matter... View Profile

Prof Ishan Bajaj

Assistant Professor Process systems engineering, optimization theory a... View Profile