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Prof Amalendu Chandra

Professor (HAG) Theoretical Physical Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Verma

Professor (HAG) Bioorganic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Biological... View Profile

Prof Jitendra Kumar Bera

Professor (HAG) Bimetallic SynerGeographic Information Systemm, Sm... View Profile

Prof Debabrata Goswami

Professor (HAG) Physical Chemistry: Ultrafast Phenomena; Lasers; Q... View Profile

Prof Gurunath Ramanathan

Professor (HAG) Environmental Biochemistry, Peptide Chemistry, Bio... View Profile

Prof Maddali Lakshmi Narayana Rao

Professor (HAG) Organometallics for Organic Synthesis... View Profile

Prof Manas K Ghorai

Professor (HAG) Synthetic Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Prof K Srihari

Professor Physical Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Nisanth Narayanan Nair

Professor Density Functional Theory, Free Energy Calculation... View Profile

Prof Pratik Sen

Professor Fluorescence and Ultrafast Spectroscopy... View Profile

Prof Sankar Prasad Rath

Professor Bio-Inorganic and Metalloporphyrin Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Anand Singh

Associate Professor Synthetic Organic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Ashis K Patra

Associate Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Thera... View Profile

Dr Basker Sundararaju

Associate Professor Organometallics Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Ganapathi Anantharaman

Associate Professor Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Madhav Ranganathan

Associate Professor Computational modeling of crystal growth... View Profile

Dr Raja Angamuthu

Associate Professor Inorganic Synthesis and Bioinspired Catalysis, Org... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Ramapanicker

Associate Professor Organic Synthesis and Bioorganic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sabuj Kumar Kundu

Associate Professor Catalysis and Organometallic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Thiruvancheril G Gopakumar

Associate Professor Molecular Functional Materials, Scanning Tunneling... View Profile

Dr Manabendra Chandra

Associate Professor Spectroscopy, Nonlinear Optics, Plasmonics, Nanosc... View Profile

Dr D L V K Prasad

Assistant Professor Computational Materials... View Profile

Dr Apparao Draksharapu

Assistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry, Elucidation of Reaction Mecha... View Profile

Dr Arnab

Assistant Professor Statistical Mechanics of Fermionic Systems, Quantu... View Profile

Dr Dharmaraja Allimuthu

Assistant Professor Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Mainak Sadhukhan

Assistant Professor Time-dependent Quantum Mechanics, Density Function... View Profile

Dr Prakash Chandra Mondal

Assistant Professor Molecular Electronics, Solid State Device Fabricat... View Profile

Dr Vishal Govind Rao

Assistant Professor Plasmonic Photocatalysis; Interfacial Charge Trans... View Profile

Dr Ritika Gautam

Assistant Professor Bioinorganic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Medi... View Profile

Dr Parthasarathi Subramanian

Assistant Professor Organic Synthesis and Catalysis... View Profile


Assistant Professor Energetic Materials... View Profile

Dr Devendra Mani

Assistant Professor High-Resolution Gas Phase Spectroscopy, Helium Nan... View Profile

Dr Nagma Parveen

Assistant Professor Soft Matter, Biomimetic Nanoparticles, Virus-Like ... View Profile

Prof Veejendra K Yadav

Retired Professor New Methodology Development and Synthesis of Biolo... View Profile