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Dr Prishati Raychowdhury

Professor Soil Dynamics, Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering... View Profile

Prof Nihar Ranjan Patra

Professor Pile Foundations, Soil Structure Interactions and ... View Profile

Prof Bharat Lohani

Professor 3D Laser Imaging and Longest Common Subsequence Me... View Profile

Prof Javed N Malik

Professor Active Tectonics, Paleoseismology, Paleo-tsunami D... View Profile

Prof Priyanka Ghosh

Professor Bearing Capacity of Foundations, Numerical Analysi... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy

Professor Numerical and Physical Modelling Technique, Enviro... View Profile

Prof Tarun Gupta

Professor Development of Instruments for Aerosol Measurement... View Profile

Dr Shivam Tripathi

Professor Statistical Hydrology, Sediment Transport, Eco-Hyd... View Profile

Prof Samit Ray-Chaudhuri

Professor Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Struc... View Profile

Prof Animesh Das

Professor Pavement Design, Pavement Materials, Pavement Main... View Profile

Prof Vinay Kumar Gupta

Professor Random Vibrations, Earthquake Engineering... View Profile

Prof Sudhir Misra

Professor Durability and Deterioration of Concrete Structure... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Srivastava

Professor Flow and Transport Through Variably Saturated Poro... View Profile

Prof Saumyen Guha

Professor Subsurface Hydrology; Fate and Transport of Pollut... View Profile

Dr Jagdish Prasad Sahoo

Associate Professor Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Sudib Kumar Mishra

Associate Professor Stochastic, Reliability-Based and Robust Optimizat... View Profile

Dr Anubha Goel

Associate Professor Indoor and Ambient Air Quality Monitoring and Mode... View Profile

Dr Suparno Mukhopadhyay

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Richa Ojha

Assistant Professor Flow and Transport in Porous Media... View Profile

Dr Gourabananda Pahar

Assistant Professor Computational Hydraulics... View Profile

Dr Salil Goel

Assistant Professor Light Detection and Ranging, Sensor Fusion, Estima... View Profile

Dr Tushar Apurv

Assistant Professor Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering... View Profile

Dr Bipin Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Pranamesh Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Intelligent Transportation Systems, Machine Learni... View Profile

Dr Aditya Medury

Assistant Professor Road Safety Management, Transportation Infrastruct... View Profile

Dr Amar Nath Roy Chowdhury

Assistant Professor Finite element analysis, Mechanics of slender stru... View Profile

Dr Gaurav Tiwari

Assistant Professor Rock Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Chunendra Sahu

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics, Porous Media Flow and Mixing... View Profile

Dr Venkatesan

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Syam Nair

Assistant Professor Pavements and Materials Engineering... View Profile

Dr Chinmoy Kolay

Assistant Professor Structural Dynamics, Earthquake Engineering, Real-... View Profile

Dr Abhas Singh

Assistant Professor Environmental Geochemistry of Heavy Metals and Ino... View Profile

Dr Harish K Venkatanarayanan

Assistant Professor Structural Engineering... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Chaudhary

Assistant Professor Sustainable Development, Life Cycle Assessment, Bi... View Profile

Dr Balaji Devaraju

Assistant Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Prof Durgesh C Rai

Professor (HAG) Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics : ... View Profile

Prof Sachchida Nand Tripathi

Professor (HAG) Aerosol Optical and Microphysical Properties, Clou... View Profile

Prof Purnendu Bose

Professor (HAG) Physico-chemical Processes for Water and Waste Wat... View Profile

Prof Mukesh Sharma

Professor (HAG) Air Quality Modelling and Management, Fate Process... View Profile

Prof Onkar Dikshit

Professor (HAG) Remote Sensing Applications, Specific Absorption R... View Profile

Prof Partha Chakroborty

Professor (HAG) Traffic Flow Theory, Optimal Resource Allocation, ... View Profile

Prof Vinod Tare

Professor (HAG) Processes for Natural Resource Conservation and Re... View Profile