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Prof Animesh Biswas

Professor (HAG) Electromagnetics, Micro and Millimeter Wave Circui... View Profile

Prof Baquer Mazhari

Professor (HAG) Organic Semiconductor Devices, Organic Light Emitt... View Profile

Prof Yatindra Nath Singh

Professor (HAG) Distributed Communication Systems, P2P Networks, O... View Profile

Prof Govind Sharma

Professor (HAG) Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Video Si... View Profile

Prof Sri Niwas Singh

Professor (HAG) Power Systems... View Profile

Prof Utpal Das

Professor Photonics and Optoelectronics... View Profile

Prof R K Bansal

Professor Universal Data Compression with Applications, Sequ... View Profile

Prof Aloke Dutta

Professor Semiconductor Device Physics and Modeling, Analog ... View Profile

Prof Shyama Prasad Das

Professor Power Electronics and Electrical Drives... View Profile

Prof Kasturi Vasudevan

Professor Digital Communications, Coherent and Noncoherent R... View Profile

Prof K S Venkatesh

Professor Signal Processing, Image and Video Processing, Com... View Profile

Prof A R Harish

Professor Antennas, Radio Frequency Identification, Computat... View Profile

Prof Aditya K Jagannatham

Professor Wireless Systems and Networks, Multiple Input Mult... View Profile

Prof Adrish Banerjee

Professor Cognitive Radio, Error Control Coding, Wireless Co... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Singh Chauhan

Professor Compact Modeling, Electrical Characterization, Rad... View Profile

Prof S Sundar Kumar Iyer

Professor Organic Solar Cells , Photovoltaic Systems , Print... View Profile

Prof K V Srivastava

Professor Meta-Materials, Microwave Antennas, Microwave Abso... View Profile

Prof Mohammad Jaleel Akhtar

Professor Microwave Material Processing, Microwave Imaging a... View Profile

Prof Nandini Gupta

Professor High Voltage Engineering, Modeling of Plasma Disch... View Profile

Prof Nishchal K Verma

Professor Fuzzy Logic, Soft-Computing in Modelling and Contr... View Profile

Dr Pradip Sircar

Professor Signal Processing and Systems, Communication Theor... View Profile

Prof Saikat Chakrabarti

Professor Electric Power Systems... View Profile

Prof Santanu Mishra

Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Prof Rajesh M Hegde

Professor Speech Signal Procesing and Recognition, Emphasis ... View Profile

Prof Parthasarathi Sensarma

Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Abhay Karandikar

Director Fifth Generation Wireless Networks, Standardizatio... View Profile

Dr Rajshekhar Gannavarpu

Associate Professor Quantitative Phase Imaging, Biophotonics, Optical ... View Profile

Dr Ketan Rajawat

Associate Professor Optimization Algorithms in Communications, Dynamic... View Profile

Dr Naren Naik

Associate Professor Development and Analysis of Reconstruction Approac... View Profile

Dr Pradeep Kumar Krishnamurthy

Associate Professor Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Optics for Gravitati... View Profile

Dr Ramprasad Potluri

Associate Professor Practical Applications of Control Systems Theory... View Profile

Dr Raghvendra Kumar Chaudhary

Associate Professor Antenna, Metamaterial, MIMO Antenna, Reconfigurabl... View Profile

Dr Gururaj Mirle Vishwanath

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Microgrid control, EV Integration Challenges to th... View Profile

Dr Avinash Lahgere

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Semiconductor Devices, Compact Modeling, Emerging ... View Profile

Dr Soumya Ranjan Sahoo

Assistant Professor Nonlinear Systems, Control of Unmanned Autonomous ... View Profile

Dr Shilpi Gupta

Assistant Professor Photonics, Plasmonics, Quantum Optics... View Profile

Dr Abheejeet Mohapatra

Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Gupta

Assistant Professor Wireless Communications, Stochastic Geometry... View Profile

Dr Alok Ranjan Verma

Assistant Professor High Voltage Engineering, Power Engineering... View Profile

Dr Amit Verma

Assistant Professor Thin Film Growth, Semiconductor Device Fabrication... View Profile

Dr Imon Mondal

Assistant Professor Analog Circuit Design... View Profile

Dr Rohit Budhiraja

Assistant Professor Fifth Generation Massive Multiple-Input and Multip... View Profile

Dr Vipul Arora

Assistant Professor Audio Processing, Music Information Retrieval, Spe... View Profile

Dr Suvendu Samanta

Assistant Professor Power Converters, Electric Vehicle Charging, Wirel... View Profile

Dr Rik Dey

Assistant Professor Solid State Electronics and Device Physics... View Profile

Dr Subrahmanya Swamy Peruru

Assistant Professor Wireless Networks, Machine learning, Probabilistic... View Profile

Dr Twinkle Tripathy

Assistant Professor Guidance of Autonomous Vehicles, Formation Control... View Profile

Dr Shubham Sahay

Assistant Professor Solid State Logic and Memory Devices, Neuromorphic... View Profile

Dr Chithra -

Assistant Professor Analog and digital IC design, time-to-digital conv... View Profile

Dr Ashwin Kumar R S

Assistant Professor Mixed-signal integrated circuit design... View Profile

Dr Rituraj

Assistant Professor Nanophotonics, Optoelectronics, Quantum optics, Pl... View Profile

Dr Swathi Battula

Assistant Professor Power Engineering... View Profile

Prof Suresh Chandra Srivastava

Retired Professor Power System Dynamics, Voltage Stability Studies, ... View Profile