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Prof R R K Sharma

Professor (HAG) Computers and Information Systems, Operations Rese... View Profile

Prof Rahul Varman

Professor Issues Concerning Democratic Functioning of Work O... View Profile

Dr Anoop Singh

Professor power sector reforms and regulation, power market ... View Profile

Prof B V Phani

Professor Financial Intermediaries, Credit Risk Modeling, En... View Profile

Dr Deepu Philip

Professor Production and Operations Management, Systems Engi... View Profile

Prof Raghu Nandan SENGUPTA

Professor Sequential Estimation, Statistical and Mathematica... View Profile

Dr Subhas Chandra Misra

Professor Business Process Management, Project Management, E... View Profile

Dr Veena Bansal

Associate Professor Information Technology, Image Processing... View Profile

Dr Devlina Chatterjee

Associate Professor Applied Econometrics, Rural Economics, Empirical F... View Profile

Dr Sri Vanamalla V

Associate Professor Applied Operations Research, Optimization and Game... View Profile

Dr Avijit Khanra

Assistant Professor Operations Research, Operations Management... View Profile

Dr Faiz Hamid

Assistant Professor Network Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, ... View Profile

Dr Shankar Prawesh

Assistant Professor Social Networks and Social Media, Agent Based Simu... View Profile

Dr Amit Shukla

Assistant Professor Industrial and Management Engineering... View Profile

Dr Subhankar Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Development Economics... View Profile

Dr Suman Saurabh

Assistant Professor Behavioral Corporate Finance, Corporate Finance, I... View Profile

Dr Vipin B

Assistant Professor Industrial and Management Engineering... View Profile

Dr Jitender Kumar

Assistant Professor Marketing, Branding, Consume Psychology... View Profile

Prof Kripa Shanker

Retired Professor Production/Operations Management, Manufactu... View Profile