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Prof Kantesh Balani

Professor Surface Coatings, Biomaterials, Nanomechanics... View Profile

Prof Krishanu Biswas

Professor Nanomaterials, Sintering, Phase Transformation, El... View Profile

Prof Rajiv Shekhar

Professor Application of Transport Phenomena and Electrochem... View Profile

Prof Kallol Mondal

Professor Thermodynamics of Glass Formation and Kinetic Anal... View Profile

Prof Amarendra Kumar Singh

Professor Steel Refining and Casting, Extractive Metallurgy,... View Profile

Dr Kanwar S. Nalwa

Associate Professor Organic and inorganic semiconductors, Perovskite b... View Profile

Dr Shobit Omar

Associate Professor Ceramic Processing, Oxide Ion and Protonic Conduct... View Profile

Dr Shashank Shekhar

Associate Professor Thermomechanical Processing, Grain Boundary Engine... View Profile

Dr Rajdip Mukherjee

Associate Professor Phase-field modelling of microstructure evolution,... View Profile

Dr Vivek Verma

Associate Professor Protein Patterning, Biodegradable Composites, Drug... View Profile

Dr Sarang Ingole

Associate Professor Materials for Photovoltaic Applications and Energy... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy Maiti

Associate Professor Oxide Electronics, Thermoelectrics, Pyroelectrics... View Profile

Dr Somnath Bhowmick

Associate Professor Electronic Structure Calculations and, Strong Corr... View Profile

Dr Nilesh Prakash Gurao

Associate Professor Length and Time Scale Effects in Plasticity, In-Si... View Profile

Dr Kaustubh Kulkarni

Associate Professor Alloy and Process Development, Lightweight Alloys,... View Profile

Dr Anshu Gaur

Associate Professor Felxible Electronics, Amorphous Oxide Semiconducto... View Profile

Dr Niraj Chawake

Assistant Professor Creep and high temperature deformation of material... View Profile

Dr Sudhanshu Shekhar Singh

Assistant Professor Materials Science and Engineering... View Profile

Dr Nilesh Umesh Badwe

Assistant Professor Mechanical Properties of Materials, Microelectroni... View Profile

Dr Arunabh Meshram

Assistant Professor Non-Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy... View Profile

Dr Shikhar Krishn Jha

Assistant Professor Thermodynamics of Phase Transformations, Structure... View Profile

Prof Shikhar Misra

Assistant Professor Functional thin films, Epitaxy, Self-assembly... View Profile

Prof Deepak Gupta

Professor (HAG) Organic Electronics: OLED and PLED, Displays, Tfts... View Profile

Prof Sandeep Sangal

Professor (HAG) Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy... View Profile

Prof Monica Katiyar

Professor (HAG) Organic Electronics -Organic Light Emitting Diodes... View Profile

Prof Dipak Mazumdar

Professor (HAG) Steelmaking and Process modeling... View Profile

Prof Anish Upadhyaya

Professor (HAG) Powder Metallurgical Processing of Materials With ... View Profile

Prof Gouthama G

Retired Professor Physical Metallurgy and Mechanical Metallurgy... View Profile